Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My plans?

So @BuddaT_ just asked me on Twitter what plans I had, and whether he could use something I've done as inspiration.

The short version is: GO FOR IT!

As long as people don't start complaining that mines too similar to their similar thing I'm not worried!

There's not really to much to my 'game' so far, and my plans aren't exactly set in stone.... and I'm not planning on charging for it anyway (current plan = game becomes massive, people shower me in monies for no reason).

Anyway my plan defined in games is something like:

Battlefield 1942 + Guild Wars 2 + Dungeon Keeper + Torchlight

.... Yeah.

I want something with the epic feel of battles in 1942, where you felt like you made a difference, yet were part of a big battle, and didn't feel like you were running around putting out fires.

Guild Wars 2 I want the simple yet complicated combat system (5 main buttons, 5 extra buttons).

Dungeon Keeper I want the feel and life.... it's moving somewhat away from this currently, I think in my head this was going to be a 3rd person hack and slash tower defense rts.....thingy.

Torchlight for view, drops and mostly 3rd person feel.

Oh, and some Dungeon Defenders style combat too.....

So anyway, I'm not too concerned if you make something similar, even if you then charge money for it. If you feel like you based it on something I did....then just name drop me :D

Also if you want to know how I did anything just ask :P

I plan on making little posts about bits of code I've used, mostly because I struggled so much to find some stuff.

Also, if you read this... leave a comment! Comments make me happy.

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