Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The cake is no lie!

Had a wonderful birthday!

Here's a picture of the cake Katie made for me:

It's my character from a game I'm currently playing (Guild Wars 2). Fits in nicely with halloween though!

And tastes wonderful.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Even more videos!

A couple more videos I uploaded the other day.

I've been bogged down a bit at the moment with some unrelated code I'm working on so no new updates :P

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

AI that does stuff! Just not very intelligently

Now with objectives, and slightly smarter units that can ignore enemies and head straight for goals, and will only chase a certain distance away from what they're defending before turning around and heading back.

Next I'm working on giving them some awareness of what's around so they can decide not to suicide into a big blog.

My plans?

So @BuddaT_ just asked me on Twitter what plans I had, and whether he could use something I've done as inspiration.

The short version is: GO FOR IT!

As long as people don't start complaining that mines too similar to their similar thing I'm not worried!

There's not really to much to my 'game' so far, and my plans aren't exactly set in stone.... and I'm not planning on charging for it anyway (current plan = game becomes massive, people shower me in monies for no reason).

Anyway my plan defined in games is something like:

Battlefield 1942 + Guild Wars 2 + Dungeon Keeper + Torchlight

.... Yeah.

I want something with the epic feel of battles in 1942, where you felt like you made a difference, yet were part of a big battle, and didn't feel like you were running around putting out fires.

Guild Wars 2 I want the simple yet complicated combat system (5 main buttons, 5 extra buttons).

Dungeon Keeper I want the feel and life.... it's moving somewhat away from this currently, I think in my head this was going to be a 3rd person hack and slash tower defense rts.....thingy.

Torchlight for view, drops and mostly 3rd person feel.

Oh, and some Dungeon Defenders style combat too.....

So anyway, I'm not too concerned if you make something similar, even if you then charge money for it. If you feel like you based it on something I did....then just name drop me :D

Also if you want to know how I did anything just ask :P

I plan on making little posts about bits of code I've used, mostly because I struggled so much to find some stuff.

Also, if you read this... leave a comment! Comments make me happy.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Now with pathfinding!

Made a few changes today.

AI currently tracks where it's units are, and where recent deaths have been (graphics down the bottom right).

It also sends units out in 'patrol' mode to try reach the other side, but they stop if they notice an enemy nearby.

Units now track whether or not they're hitting their target. If they miss too much they will pathfind towards their target.

Units also give up on chasing earlier, switching to closer targets if there are any.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Another video

Another video showing what it's like now :D

 I spent a long time on collisions, which I then decided I didn't like and got rid of.

There was a while there where the game wasn't fun to watch, which was probably a good thing as I then did more programming.

Now as I'm about to head off to bed, it's far too interesting! Anyway, here's a quick clip.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Trying out YouTube

Made a little recording of what I'm currently working on, using VLC.

Couldn't get audio working but that's probably a good thing!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Shadow Volumes with LWJGL

 I've had a frustrating few days trying to get shadow volumes working in LWJGL, mostly through my inability to cope with math these days, but also the lack of resources available.

As always I came across lots of forum posting asking for help but few answers.

The main resource was: NeHe Lesson 27

There is a link to a LWJGL port down the bottom, but this doesn't work.

After some searching I came across some fixes by Fool Running in the LWJGL forums: Forum post

However this still didn't get it working, so a few hundred web pages and a lot of attempted fixes later I stumbled across a small change:



        Display.create(new PixelFormat(8,8,8));

This is what is should look like in the end.

The fixed source can be found here:

And the rest of the required files (Some object text files) can be found at the bottom of the NeHe page, as past of the LWJGL zip.

If you have any trouble getting it going leave a comment here and I'll probably be of no use! :P

Monday, 8 October 2012

A little piece of woodturning

We headed out to Katie's parents place the other day, so Katie could help out around the property. Apart from being social over lunch and dinner I spent my time down by the river, where my lathe still lives.

I was quite rusty in my skill, and despite my attempts to make a similar size bowl to some of my previous efforts things didn't go quite to plan. I kept making more and more mistakes, catching my tool quite often and even sending the bowl flying past me, which made me stop and sit for a while.
I even picked up a few ouches.

In the end though I left with a little bowl, quite nicely shaped (even if I do say so myself).

And one day I might even release my much anticipated (by atleast 2 people!) new game.