Friday, 6 April 2012

World Generation

I got bored with working in a big square so I've now added fairly basic world generation.

I've done this using Perlin noise, which I've implemented using a mix of code from several locations but mainly:

and the Simplex Noise paper by Stefan Gustavson.

I got the links from Stack Overflow where I've also posted my first question and got the scholar and student badges :P

So I could view the world gen I added a map view, where each tile is represented by one pixel of that colour.

It's not the most efficient but it works well enough.

The downside of having the map drawn is I'm not having to deal with updating the whole thing at once which is leading my down the optimisation route. I find that reasonably fun though.

I have added a rudimentary human, but he doesn't do much, I need to start working on user stories (something I've always disdained in the past) but they seem like a good idea for this sort of thing, because the scope is so large.

Here's a screen with creatures enabled: All the white spots are Deer, red are dead Deer...

Apparently I need to tweak their breeding now they have room and a tendency to spread!

How do you think gameplay should go?

Currently I'm planning on controlling being somewhere between Age of Empires, Dwarf Fortress and Sims. Where you say something needs to be done, but you don't give particular commands to particular units. We'll see!

Hopefully I'll get some form of interaction going soon, then I can post a version on my website for people to try and give feedback.

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