Monday, 5 March 2012

Update Time: Lathelathelathelathelathe

Well, it's been a busy week, but not much computer time going on.

Biggest news is I have a lathe! And it's purty!

I bought it off Trade Me from a member the Nelson Woodturning Club who is moving overseas.
Thanks Bjorn and Renee!

They were very kind, and threw in all these tools for free.  Sometimes you get lucky :) I'm still grinning.

Here's where I'll be working, under shelter but outside, with a nice view of the river (and lots of sandflies to keep me company).

So where do things stand now?

Programming: -$168 previously, -$2179 computer plus extras, +$2.07 from Flying Kakapo Sales (thanks Mum!) Now: -$2344.93
So yeah, not a millionaire yet, but there's still time!

Woodworking: +$1,150 NZD previously, -$800 Lathe, -$970 Bench Grinder, Drill Press, Hand drill plus small tools. Now: -$640
Today was an expensive day, with stops at Placemakers, Mitre10 and Bunnings. I did some research last week finding the cheapest places and today we went and spent the money. Big thanks to my Uncle Michael and Auntie Raewyn for the voucher they gave me last birthday, and to Aunt Liz for the money recently which went towards buying these tools.
I'll be thankful each time I use them!
I also picked up a fan and some pantyhose to use to make my dust extraction system. I'll post more once I complete it, using some good old number 8 wire :)
On the safety line I grabbed an RCD and a fire extinguisher.
Now the woodworking starts in earnest, hopefully I'll be posting some pictures of my beginning attempts soon.

Music: +$0 previously. Now: +$8
I mentioned previously that we'd been out busking, we were lucky enough to be interviewed by the Nelson Mail!
You can see us at Nelson Mail: Highs-and-lows-of-busking.
That's us on the video loading screen, and there's a couple of seconds of us playing :) Not bad for one week in the city.
Hopefully there'll be plenty more busking trips. We were planning on going last weekend but were stopped by a storm. If you want any of those promised youtube clips you'd best post and bug me with a request. Although Katie put a lid on my plans to buy a $1,500 camera for making videos... something about needing to make money first, I didn't understand it.

Currently music is winning by a long ways!

That's all for now, time to get back to work on updating Flying Kakapo (I'm such a slacker).

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