Wednesday, 28 March 2012


 I've spent the last while doing programming on a personal project, rather than something that might turn a profit. It gives me something fun to work on as a break though.

I talked about it a few times on my old blog (All Evil Laughter) but I've started from scratch rather than continue with that code base. Though I am taking little pieces of code when it's useful.

The game is a mix of several styles but it's mostly about building a civilisation. This will be complicated by what will hopefully be emergent gameplay.

As you play, your civilisation will slowly advance through tech trees, but through inventions by your civilisation, not what you choose. So a lot of luck will be involved and hopefully it will deal well with situations where you don't discover the wheel etc.

Currently however the game is very simple and is only a simulation rather than a game.

There is grass, it grows and spreads, there are trees, they grow and spread.
There are deer, they trample and eat the grass, and eat saplings.
Grass gets trampled down to dirt, and if that gets trampled enough it can turn into packed dirt which grass won't grow on.

There are also wolves who eat deer (and other dead wolves).

Deer and wolves breed etc, wolves hunt down and eat deer.

And there is of course water which animals need to drink to survive.

Currently there's a bit of a problem as the wolves eventually kill all the deer, then slowly die out.

Alternatively the wolves are stupid and don't stay close enough together to breed, leaving a final world where the deer have taken over.

I'll be adding herding behaviour to creatures to lower the chance of this happening.

Next on the list is adding the first humans, and making more interesting world generation, fortunately I still remember the useful resources from last time, such as:

Instead of Flash and C# I'll be going with Java, as that's what I've been using these days. With the initial part based off the Libgdx library I may even have mobile support to a certain extent!

Graphics are currently just someones mod of the original IBM PC character set. I'll slowly replace it with my own tiles like last time, while keeping ascii for debug.

Anyway I always enjoy feedback, and when this actually gets some gameplay I'll be uploading the jar file to here so you can mess around with it.


  1. Nature solves the issue of the wolves eating all the deer by decreased birth rates when the hunting is lean. Then the deer population goes back up and the wolf population follows in offset sine curves. Deer birth rates probably increase as well as their population decreases because they have better forage.

    It's looking cool. Keep up the good work and keep us posted!

    1. Currently they can only breed when they've had enough food, but I'll definitely have to make the time between breeding drop when food is low :D
      Will be fun trying to make it follow the curves without bottoming out ever.
      I'll have to set something up that does that automatically....