Wednesday, 14 March 2012

More Woodturning

Hasn't been a very productive week, been setting up the new computer but the speed of the internet out here has made that a bit of a task. I did do some woodturning while waiting though!

Here's the results of what I did last time:
The first one was the best, it's the one I had pictures of last time.
But the foot was rather a mess after being gripped in the chuck, so I turned up a small piece of wood and glued some sandpaper to it, creating a small sanding disc.
I then ground away the foot with that, wasn't perfect but was better than what it was.

I then turned the offcut from that into this little cup as practice. It didn't turn out too badly, the walls are nice and thin.
I then turned another piece of firewood into this bowl:
The piece was absolutely horrible to turn for some reason, took me a long time to get it to a nice round surface. Also I didn't have any lights down there so I couldn't see what was going on down the bottom, I ended up cutting it a little close as you can see from the picture below. The internal chuck split the wood and there's also a loose knot right in the center.
Here's how my wood collection is going, pillaged from various stacks of firewood around the place:
 I wasn't feeling very artistic the other day,  and as the computer was busy downloading I headed down to turn some branches to cylinders. You can see my little sanding disc in the corner of this image:
 As I was thinking of making some toilet roll holders,  I decided to try turn a base.

This is where I finished for the day, you see that is was dark and raining, not the most pleasant of days. That piece is still sitting on the lathe as I haven't been down since then, been trying to do some programming.

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  1. Go Jamie! This is so awesome; doing your thing - Live the dream! heh.

    PS. Needs more details/pictures of music stuff. We're making da monies!