Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Busking and a question

Last Saturday we went out busking again and had a much more successful time.
We found a nice quiet corner where people had room to sit and listen, and perhaps we were much improved after practicing most days. The Vodafone store was nice enough to let us play right outside and even popped outside a few times to give us money!
The nearby coffee stall offered us free coffee.
We went away with $43.30 from 1:45 hours of playing :) I was astounded I though we'd made about $18 which I was more than happy with.

I don't have any pictures of us busking so here's the picture from the newspaper article we were in a few weeks ago.

Katie has a plan that we will do 'gigs' (conferences etc). Basically just background noise for receptions etc. She's been working on a flyer people can take away so we can advertise as we busk.

However we're struggling with a price to put.
We were thinking:
For Katie solo $50 for the first hour and $40 for each hour afterwards.
For duo $70 for the first hour and $60 for each hour afterwards.

Obviously it needs to cover some travel time etc but we're really not sure what people would pay.

So my question to those who come to this blog, what price would you think is reasonable for a solo violinist or violin/ukulele duo?

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  1. Sorry, I think I'll leave it to a more grownup person to answer that. I have no idea what would be reasonable.