Sunday, 26 February 2012

Not a game update

Time for an update:
(I may be doing this update instead of working on that update of the game I promised, whoops)

Flying Kakapo: The Game currently has 2 sales, and 3 of those are still installed according to Google, so that's confusing, but atleast I don't have to panic about lots of people having trouble with it not working on their phone.
The sales aren't even family members! (but they are friends hehe)

The update I'm currently working on will fix a couple of bugs, and add Arcade Mode. It's a shorter, sharper experience, for when you don't have half an hour available to get those big scores...

Katie and I went busking yesterday, and had a great time. We made only $8 from our hour twenty playing, but got great responses from everyone. Half the money earned was people impressed with the hats we were wearing (hats Katie made!) so that was nice :)

Katie's been taking photos of her hats to post so they should be visible soon.

I also wandered around the Nelson Saturday Market and got an idea of prices for woodworking, and spoke to some very friendly locals who've invited me to come along to a meeting of the Nelson Woodturners Club. I'll be going hopefully, I need advice about which lathe to buy as I'm keen to get started.

In the programming side of things, I have way to many projects going.

I've gained permission to use some images for a New Zealand Sign Language quiz I'm working on, so hopefully I'll be getting that out soon. It's just the alphabet to start with, but Katie and I are having fun using it to communicate when I'm hiding behind my headphones. It will of course be free!

A fun project that isn't very pratical is my attempts to write a program that will write music for me. I've been learning about the Java Midi api. I'm also working on a post explaining how to get going with the api as I'm likely to forget...
Hopefully it will end up being useful to someone.
Katie isn't very impressed by it's output so far, she thinks she can do better :P

Another game I'm working on is a language learning game, I should do a post about that soon too. Yeah, I will, trust me! At the moment I'm thinking of it like the original Pokemon games, but where you have to learn a language as you go, it should be interesting :)

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Random fact: The country with the third most views on this blog is the Czech Republic (if you read this, leave a comment I'm curious!).

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