Friday, 3 February 2012

A Little Background

So time for a little background.

Well I'm currently twenty five going on seventeen, I have a Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Computer Science and I live in New Zealand.

I've been living in Christchurch for the last 8 years, since I moved down here to attend University.

I went to uni to get a degree in physics. Over a period of five years I did a various assortment of courses from astrophysics to philosophy. In the end I got my degree in computer science when the University decided my philosophy of religion course counted as science credits.

And so there I was with a shiney new degree in hand and not much of a clue what to do with it.

So I did what any young person would do, spent a year sitting about the flat playing computer games and burning through what little savings I had. I did eventually get around to applying at one talent agency and for one job. Neither of which I heard back from if I recall correctly.

At that new years I finally made a resolution to do something, so I did some googling and found a local company I'd heard a friend talk about that made computer games.
I wandered through the door there about as soon as they opened after the holiday period. It turned out they were having a problem with their internet, so the boss didn't have much to do and was able to interview me.
I got a call back later that day asking if I would be keen to help them with some game testing.
It wasn't really a job in most senses of the word, as I didn't actually get paid for a good two months. But such is the life in the gaming industry, and I was enjoying what I did.
Thus began my work as a games tester, programmer and designer.
(I actually have my name in the credits as a game tester for Kung Fu Funk and Doc Clock).

Once I got bumped up to programming I spent most of my time working on Crystalink for Facebook which I quite enjoyed.
After a year and a half I found I wasn't enjoying myself as much, and was beginning to dread work each day. So I took the leap and handing in my resignation, staying on untl the next project milestone. I then did something totally random and took a six month carpentry Furniture and Joinery course.

It was a massive change to go from lounging in a chair all day spaced out as I dealt with some problem to working all day on my feet with whirling blades of death attached to everything.
I can't say I was any good at it, but I enjoyed my time in the course, and managed to get through with all fingers still attached, though I had a good go at melting my thumb on the last day. and left behind a fair bit of skin and blood in various amounts.

Then an opening came for Katie to help her brother back in her home city of Nelson, and as we weren't doing anything much we decided it was a good time to move.

So we're about to move to sunny Nelson (which recently suffered serious floodings just before we were there for christmas, I'm fairly sure the sunny thing is a con, as it always rains when I'm there). It seems kinda wierd to have stayed here through the aftershocks, only moving when they've mostly died down.

Mostly it's just time for a change.

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