Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Evil Plan

The move is progressing slowly, done some calling around and found it would cost around $650 to move our stuff to Nelson (bed, bikes, couple of chairs etc). A problem is that Katie's place is fairly rural, involving a small bridge so lots of stress and complications.

After some discussing (and perhaps some guilting) my sister and her husband are going to drive up with us, with a trailer full of our stuff, then take the trailer back down the next day, saving us $200 of relocation fee for the trailer.

This is something I am much more comfortable with, less stress! I've offered them the difference in costs so it might not be cheaper but lessss stressssssssssssssssssssssss. (And now I'm a snake...)

My grand plan for this year:

1): Earn $10,000 income (not profit) between now and new years.
2): Release 10 Mobile Apps that get atleast 1000 downloads and $1,000 income over the 12 months following their release
3): Enjoy myself!

I think $10,000 is too low of a target, and Katie thinks it's too high, so we settled on it. I'm guessing at this point 90% of the income will come from programming, 10% from woodworking, and 0.000001% from music.

The mobile apps will be interesting, I have a list of 30 odd apps to work on, I'm sure I will release more than 10, but most of them probably won't do very well. Only having to get 1,000 total downloads shouldn't be too hard, it'll just involve a lot of guilting people I know (and you, my dear readers!).

Enjoying myself shouldn't be too hard either, that's why I have three different things to concentrate on, if I'm not enjoying programming, I'll do woodworking, or music. And if I'm enjoying none of them, I'll play games :D

So I feel fairly optimistic at the moment and I'm looking forward til after the move so I can throw myself fully into this. I'll hopefully cover more of my plans in my next posts.

For now, a preview of what I've been working on the last two days:

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