Monday, 20 February 2012

Flying Kakapo: The Game

Well I've finally released the game I started working on two weeks ago.

You can check it out here: Flying Kakapo: The Game

This game was concieved when working on my as yet unreleased Charades game, all it had in it was one movie, Gone With The Wind. When you clicked next it added a number that increased everytime you tapped the screen. I remember getting up to 180 before I realised what I was doing.
It's amazing how something so simple can be addictive.

This game initially started as just tapping the screen and seeing how high you could get it, well, before you got bored I guess. You can see it looks a little more developed than that. Lots of creep.

I added an object with Box2D that you could move around by tapping. Then made it fall. Then made a little bird graphic for it.

Now the game contains combos for tapping it numerous times in a row without missing, falling items to collect and a combo reset for smacking him into walls.

Altogether quite a fun game and fits well within the 'chocolate bar' market of $0.99 games.

Not expecting it to be an amazing seller, but certainly a game I'm happy with and a good learning experience.

I'll be blogging all details about it's experience out there in the world as time passes.


  1. Hi Jamie, it's Quang here, just stumbled upon your personal blog. Great to know that you are making great decisions for your future dude. All the best :D

  2. Hey Quang, thanks for stopping by :) (and first comment on my blog!). Can't be certain I've made great decisions but it should keep things interesting.